Spring Cleaning Tips

A home spring clean is a great way to refresh your living space and free up some time for the summer. A lot of people want to start afresh in the new season, so it makes sense that they would want to spend time decluttering their house or apartment and taking care of all those little things that can easily be overlooked when life gets busy.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about starting and completing a successful home spring clean.

Spring Clean Preparation 

It is important to get organized before you start cleaning. Having a plan will help keep things on track and make the job go faster, as well as minimizing stress levels.

Start by writing a list of all the tasks that need to be taken care of (we’ll cover some ideas in this article), then gather everything you need for your spring clean.

This includes supplies such as cleaners and cotton rags or sponges; wear clothes that can get dirty or ripped.

Set aside time so that your entire house doesn’t fall apart while you are occupied with one area; prepare some drink and some food if necessary – you might want something when you need a short break from the clean.

Is there a specific order for doing a Spring Clean?

There is no specific order for a spring clean, every home is different so do what makes more logical sense to you and your family.

A common order is to clean the house on a room-by-room basis, for example kitchen then bathrooms, bedrooms, finishing with living spaces and hallways. 

Finally, do any outdoor work such as lawn mowing or gardening last. Just be careful not to bring any mess back in your home.

As mentioned previously – make a list, it’s so easy to miss something on such a mammoth task.

High-Level Spring Cleaning Checklist:

  1. Decluttering:
    • Go through each room and remove unnecessary items.
    • Donate or sell clothes, books, and other items you no longer use.
    • Organize and store important documents and belongings.
  2. Dusting:
    • Dust all surfaces, including shelves, furniture, and electronics.
    • Don’t forget ceiling fans, light fixtures, and vents.
  3. Vacuuming and Mopping:
    • Vacuum all carpets, rugs, and upholstery.
    • Mop hard floors and clean tile grout.
  4. Kitchen:
    • Clean and disinfect countertops and backsplash.
    • Wipe down kitchen appliances, inside and out.
    • Clean the oven, microwave, and fridge.
    • Empty and clean kitchen cabinets and drawers.
  5. Bathrooms:
    • Scrub and disinfect toilets, sinks, and showers/bathtubs.
    • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces.
    • Organize and declutter bathroom cabinets.
  6. Bedrooms:
    • Change bed linens and pillowcases.
    • Vacuum and clean under the bed.
    • Declutter and organize clothes in wardrobes.
  7. Living Room and Common Areas:
    • Vacuum and clean upholstered furniture.
    • Dust and clean electronics, TV screens, and entertainment units.
    • Tidy up and organize books, magazines, and other items.
  8. Windows:
    • Clean windows inside and out.
    • Wipe down window sills and frames.
  9. Floors and Baseboards:
    • Clean baseboards and remove scuff marks.
    • Vacuum or mop all floors throughout the house.
  10. Outdoor Cleaning (If Applicable):
    • Sweep and clean the front porch and entryway.
    • Clean outdoor furniture.
    • Clear debris from gutters and downspouts.
  11. Miscellaneous:
    • Clean and organize the entryway and hallway.
    • Wipe down light switches, doorknobs, and handles.
    • Launder curtains and blinds.
  12. Check and Replace:
    • Replace air filters in HVAC systems.
    • Test smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed.
  13. Garden and Yard:
    • Trim bushes and shrubs.
    • Mow the lawn and edge the garden beds.
    • Weed and fertilize the garden as necessary.

Remember, this is a high-level checklist, and you can add more specific tasks based on your home’s needs and preferences. Spring cleaning can be a comprehensive task, so don’t forget to break it down into manageable chunks and enlist help if needed. Happy spring cleaning!

Before you start Spring Cleaning

If it’s a nice day, why not put your plants outside. Move anything that will get in the way of you moving round your home with lots of cleaning equipment.

If you have any rugs in your home, now is a good time to get them moved out of the way, maybe hang them outside or on the balcony.

If you have children, why not get them to do some of the tasks with you. They might learn something, and it will keep their attention for a while.

Remove any clutter from your home

So, what is clutter, well its basically anything that is not necessary.

From the small items on your desk to clothes in your wardrobe – clutter can make a big impact and it’s often easier than you might think, because once they are gone – they’re gone. 

Clutter takes up space both physically and mentally so if you want a fresh start then decluttering will help with that too. 

Look at what you have, give away stuff no longer used or wanted and throw out anything damaged beyond repair. 

Sometimes there are things you want to keep, but if they have no immediate or short-term use, how about storing them in the attic or basement? Think of this like giving them a vacation from your daily routine.

Check wardrobes and drawers for any clothing that you no longer use

Remove any old jumpers or sweaters that you haven’t worn for years. 

It’s nice to have a couple of ‘special occasion’ items, but don’t let them take over your wardrobe! A change in season can be a good time to get rid of clothes and make room for the new things coming into stores now. 

This is also an easy way to keep up with trends – if it doesn’t suit you anymore then use it as inspiration for what will work this year. But remember buy only what you need, not just because something looks cute on someone else!

There are so many charities that would really benefit from your old clothes, so don’t hang on to them for sentimental reasons. You may find a local charity to you so you’re supporting your local community.

Also, think of selling some old clothes on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. It can be really satisfying to make some money from things you no longer need, and it’s also environmentally friendly.

Check your bookshelves, when was the last time you read that book?

Does your bookshelf need a spring clean? It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying more and more. So, try saving some shelf space by getting rid of old or forgotten books you don’t read anymore.

Just like clothes, there are charities to give books to, or to earn a few dollars also try eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

Starting the Spring Clean

Now that you have decluttered your home and cleared out items that may get in the way, it’s now time to start the clean.

Take down pictures from around the house and put in storage containers – it will make things easier when doing your spring clean.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips

Make sure all the dishes are done. These will only get in the way of your cleaning.

Next start with your Fridge and Freezer. Items in the fridge are more likely to spoil, so make sure you take them out and dispose of them. Check items that are in the freezer. 

Frozen food that has begun to darken and discolor is a sign of freezer burn. Remove these and dispose of accordingly.

Now are the cupboards, get rid of any products that are past their use-by date or items you know your family don’t like to eat anymore. Remember also to clean up all those spills in the cupboards too.

Vacuum and dust under the fridge as well as behind it. Check the refrigerator vents and vacuum dust off them including around the compressor.

Dust around the oven handles and wipe down with a damp cloth again – paper towels work better for this job. Gas hobs tend to be more tricky than electric hobs, but they do come apart easy for a good through clean.

Clean countertops with a good anti-bacterial spray and a fresh cloth.  Don’t forget to wipe down the backsplash area as well.

Leave mopping your kitchen until last and make sure to use a good quality mop, this will ensure a good streak free finish on your floors.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips

Clean the toilet and use bleach to disinfect if needed. Ensure that you scrub properly using a toilet brush. 

Clean the sink with anti-bacterial spray and a cloth. Remember to rinse thoroughly. 

Clean the bathtub and shower with anti-bacterial spray. Cleaning products like Comet, Scrubbing Bubbles or Lysol work great for this. 

Use an anti-bacterial spray on surfaces such as the faucets, soap dispensers or toilet brush holder.  If you have tiles around these areas this would be a good opportunity to clean here too.

Walls should be washed down also using either an all-purpose cleaner or diluted vinegar.

Remember also to clean mirrors and windowsills too.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Tips

In bedrooms, vacuum the carpet. Put a cover on your mattress and change bed linens if needed. Change pillowcases too. 

Wash curtains or clean blinds with warm soapy water to remove dust from them. Vacuum any other furniture in bedrooms such as chairs, ottomans, dressers etc…

Clean all surfaces of nightstands and dressers where you may have makeup stored. 

Cleaning products like Comet, Scrubbing Bubbles or Lysol work great for this task too but be sure not to leave residue on these items otherwise they won’t look clean anymore.

Move any furniture away from the walls so you can vacuum behind them. Clean cobwebs from corners.

Dusting is pretty much a must because dust can cause allergies or affect how you sleep at night if not cleaned off properly.

Living Room and Living Space Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s where most of us like to relax and enjoy. So having this room clean is a must for all of us. 

Move furniture out of the way and vacuum behind and under them. While you’re there don’t forget about the baseboards.

Dust any surfaces such as shelves, walls or ceiling fans with a dry cloth to make them shine again.

Check under rugs for dust or pet hair – spend some time cleaning them up as well so that nothing is left behind but beautiful flooring.

Now is a good time to take the drapes down for cleaning, if you have blinds clean them with warm soapy water.

Dust lamps and light fixtures with a dry cloth or cotton balls doused in alcohol to remove any fingerprints from the glass.

Hallway and Stairway Spring Cleaning Tips

Hallways are a common place for dirt accumulation. Think of it as the runway of your home, everyone goes through this area many times during the day. This area can get particularly dirty.

Remove any shoes & jackets so that the clean is easier.

As with all other rooms, move any furniture out of the way and vacuum behind.

Vacuum the floors paying special attention to the stairways. Check the walls for marks, now is a good time to clean these marks from the walls. 

Wipe down the banisters, stairs and walls with a damp cloth.

Office Spring Cleaning Tips

Many more of us are working from home, having a clean office is important.

Clear off any surfaces – desks, tables and shelves should be clear so they are nice & tidy. Make sure any electrical items like laptops are moved out of the way.

Dust – all the surfaces need dusting so that they are free from any dirt or grime.

Empty bins and tidy up anything in the room.

Vacuum & wipe down desks, tables, office chairs etc to give a clean look and feel.


Thoroughly clean your windows. Wipe away any smudges or water spots and use a squeegee to get rid of the leftover streaks.


There are many other things you can do when Spring Cleaning your home – not just what has been mentioned above.

Take some time out of your day this weekend to spring into action by following these tips for a successful Home Spring Cleaning session! It’s so easy that there is no excuse not to try it at least once.

We want our homes to be as clean and tidy as possible, so we can enjoy spending more quality time with our friends or family. Spring Cleaning might seem like an impossible task but if you follow these tips, it will make way easier than expected.

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