How to organise your bathroom in 8 steps

The bathroom, our sanctuary of cleanliness, deserves to be a space that exudes cleanliness itself. However, with a lot of hair-care and beauty products, it’s all too common for our self-care solutions to overrun the bathroom, particularly when it’s shared with others. With a touch of organisation, you can effortlessly restore your bathroom to its functional and clutter-free glory. Embark on this transformative journey with 8 simple steps that will revolutionize your bathroom space.


Before diving into the art of organization, it’s essential to embark on a journey of decluttering. By taking this initial step, you gain a clear perspective on all the items currently occupying your bathroom space, enabling you to organize them effectively.

Begin by emptying cupboards and drawers, and laying bare all your belongings. As you do so, take the opportunity to give them a thorough cleaning, ensuring a fresh start for your organizational endeavours.

Group Items Together

With your items now neatly displayed before you, it’s time to embark on the task of grouping like items together. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s all too easy for products to become jumbled and disorganized within drawers.

However, by consciously keeping similar items together, you lay the foundation for a more efficient and streamlined bathroom experience. This simple act of grouping enables you to effortlessly locate items you need when the time comes, saving you precious moments and ensuring a seamless self-care routine.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

We’ve all been guilty of clinging onto products and items that serve no purpose in our lives anymore. Whether it’s that failed experiment or an item that has long surpassed its expiration date, these belongings only occupy precious storage space in your bathroom. It’s time to bid farewell to them and create more room for what truly matters.

Moreover, you may stumble upon items that don’t belong in the bathroom at all. By relocating these misplaced items to their rightful places, you not only declutter your bathroom but also pave the way for a more organized and harmonious space. Embrace this opportunity to reclaim your bathroom and transform it into a sanctuary of order and efficiency.

Limit Counter Items

Over time, our most frequently used items tend to find their place on our precious counter spaces, leading to clutter and a sense of overwhelm.
To restore a sense of cleanliness and spaciousness, it’s crucial to limit the items on your counter to the essentials. By selectively curating the items that deserve this prime real estate, you create a cleaner and more inviting environment.

For these extra items that still find their way onto the counter, introduce a storage bins or trays can work wonders in maintaining organisation. These clever storage solutions provide a designated space for these items, ensuring they are neatly arranged and easily accessible when needed.

Use Storage Containers and Drawer Dividers

Discovering the perfect storage solutions for your items is an exciting adventure, allowing you to tailor your space to your unique needs and preferences. Storage containers serve as both practical organizers and creative expressions, keeping your products neatly tucked away while adding a personal touch to your surroundings.

When it comes to maximizing drawer space, drawer dividers are a game-changer. Gone are the days of rummaging through cluttered drawers in search of specific items. With the help of drawer dividers, you can effortlessly organize and separate different items within the drawer, ensuring everything has its designated place. Enjoy the convenience and tidiness that drawer dividers bring to your storage solutions, elevating your daily routine and streamlining your access to essentials.


Adding labels to your storage containers is a fantastic strategy to simplify item retrieval, particularly when dealing with a variety of different products. Whether you have an extensive collection or share your space with others, labeling provides a clear and efficient system for locating specific items.

For those who share a living space, consider grouping items by individual and labeling accordingly. This personalized approach ensures that everyone has their designated area for storing their products. By incorporating labels, you create an organized and harmonious environment, where each person can easily access their belongings without any confusion or mix-ups.

Utilize Wall Space

In bathrooms lacking cabinets, drawers, or shelves, you can get creative and maximize wall space for storage purposes. By investing in small shelves or racks, you can effectively distribute your items throughout the room in an organized manner.

These wall-mounted storage solutions not only provide a practical storage solution but also serve as an opportunity to display towels and add a touch of personalised decor to your bathroom. Adopt the versatility of wall storage to make the most of your space while maintaining an organised and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Add A Laundry Bin

Finally, putting dirty clothes and towels on the floor can become a habit after a shower but having a designated laundry bin in the bathroom is a smart solution to break this pattern. It’s not only simplifies the clean-up process but also makes doing laundry a breeze.

While organizing may seem daunting initially, following these 8 simple steps will result in a clutter-free and more enjoyable bathroom experience for everyone. Embrace the transformation and enjoy the benefits of an organized and inviting space.

In summary…

How to Organize Your Bathroom in 8 Steps:

  1. Declutter: Empty cupboards and drawers, clean all belongings for a fresh start.
  2. Group Items Together: Keep similar items together for a more efficient and streamlined experience.
  3. Get Rid of What You Don’t Need: Say goodbye to unused and expired items, creating more space.
  4. Limit Counter Items: Keep only essential items on the counter, use storage bins or trays for extras.
  5. Use Storage Containers and Drawer Dividers: Optimize storage with practical organizers and creative expressions.
  6. Label: Add labels to containers for easy retrieval and personalized storage for shared spaces.
  7. Utilize Wall Space: Maximize wall storage with small shelves or racks to keep the bathroom organized.
  8. Add a Laundry Bin: Have a designated laundry bin to avoid leaving dirty clothes and towels on the floor.

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